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Giant Monster

Work In Progress: "Giant Monster"

Here is a typical doodle (more specifically an "unplanned piece"). These things occur during deadlines, typically advertising stuff that is so distant from genre that I find myself itching to escape into my own world and start daydreaming about designs and color. A couple of days ago, I started noodling on a blank digital canvas in between emails of revisions on some storyboards. I started thinking about the recent rumors of a new American made Godzilla movie in development, and started thinking "hmmm... How would I design a new Godzilla?" And then, after scribbling with that in mind, I wandered away from that premise and started picturing old monster magazine covers of the 60's and 70's.. And really just kept changing visuals in my head. 

So far, this is what I have. I'd like to add some people in the foreground... Perhaps a couple of scientists... Maybe one is a dozen yards away running frantically toward camera, and in the foreground a couple of other scientists waving him to hurry as they are climbing in a vehicle- perhaps a jeep.

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