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Chris Scalf is an illustrator specializing in digital art and animation. His primary focus is commercial art, creating everything from storyboards and animatics to final art and finished animation. 


Over the years Chris has developed unique strategies and skills that have allowed him a nation-wide agency reputation for continuously delivering high volumes of exceptional art on tight deadlines, and doing it all on budget.

In addition, Chris is also recognized globally for his work in genre publishing (for example his work on Star Wars Comics and books.) He is also known for his original work and tutorials centered around fantasy, and photo realism art.

Chris started drawing as a young boy and was influenced by his love for the sci fi and fantasy genres. He never had any formal art training which allowed him to discover un-conventional routes giving us today’s exceptional work. His first published art was with G-Fan magazine which lead to working with companies such as Dark Horse Comics and Maximum Press, and eventually publishing his own comics under the Realm Press banner. Those early experiences taught him how to face grueling deadlines and conditioned him to turn around high volumes of quality art in a short periods of time. In those days, it was all traditional art, and difficult to produce giving Chris the incentive to explore and embrace the developing digital world. Chris was then able to harness his newly developed talent into becoming one of the countries top commercial artists we know today, currently working for many adverting agencies and publishers.

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