Looking back... Con't....

In sort of a small continuation from the last past, I thought it would be good to also revisit this Deviantart post form about a decade ago. :

"Some years ago, when my daughter's autism was somewhat freshly diagnosed, I sat at tables at conventions trying to raise money for expensive therapies selling art prints (since health insurance does not cover autism). As I sat wanting more people to notice my tables and come over I wondered how I mightdraw their attention over to my area. It was after a G-fest (Godzilla con) that a light bulb went off over my head. Build a 7 ft tall 'Zilla!!!Not knowing anything about sculpting materials, I was brainstorming for a few days before looking down on an old couch we had in the basement at the time, noticing the cushion foam sticking out, with pieces plucked away by either cats or kids. I then realized that I could glue slabs of this stuff together and rather easily pluck/sculpt a beast out of this material. The rest is history. It worked! EVERYONE noticed the giant beast standing amongst my art at booths at shows. Zilla is long gone now, but I continue to create foam citters of my own design to draw people to my tables."

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