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A quick Promo painting I did last week for an upcoming book by John Jackson Miller for Del Ray.

This is about a 4 hour painting (spread out over a few days or so).
EDIT: I should also mention that after an initial b/w rough-- I did an INTENSE study of Ewan McGregor on as many films as possible... My initial sketch had fallen flat on capturing either Ewan or Alec's Obi Wan likeness, so I obsessed with a quest to understand the anatomy of Ewan McGregor's face and expressions. 

Most of the time, we artists will seek out references of people likenesses in the same pose we are about to draw.. But I could NOT --for the life of me-- FIND a pose of McGregor in any film that matched what I needed to show here. So what you have, is a very careful freehand rendition "imagined" in that pose by cross referencing MANY photos of Ewan's face, and how light and shadow reflect off of it in various environments. So yeah-- While the initial painting was about 4 hours, there was a lot longer in side sketching and studying of this man's face... I don't think I've ever went that deep before in a portrait.

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